Barn Dance

17. August 2011 / Austauschpersonen aus Devon, England

Vom 8. bis 17. Juli 2011 waren 18 Personen aus Devon in der Schweiz. Nachfolgend berichten sie vom Nidleabig bei der Landjugend Stauffacher.

During our visit to Switzerland we had the opportunity to attend a Landjugend social event, in the form of a barn dance. The first difference to a Devon YFC event was the enthusiasm for attendees to arrive on time, initially the reason for this baffled us but when we arrived we realised why. They wanted to get a seat and this is the second major difference to a Devon YFC event. At a Devon YFC event members would arrive between 10 and 11 and leave at one spending the night either dancing, drinking at the bar or socialising around a BBQ outside. The night was a cracking start where we received table service something only offered in up market restaurants in the UK. We all took the opportunity to sample the coffee liquors, a drink not served at YFC events. Music was of a very different genre to what would be played at an YFC event. We would have a DJ playing a mixture of chart songs and modern classics, after watching the Swiss dance from the side line some of us took the opportunity to have a go at dancing the Swiss way with varying amounts of success. We were very impressed with the skill involved in the Swiss way of dancing and all aspired to be as gifted. The whisking of milk into cream was a thoroughly enjoyable and entertaining competition to watch and participate in, we would not have this at home but all thought it added to the delight of the evening. A custom we were unfamiliar with was the communal snorting of snuff, most of us took the opportunity to experience the sensation; one of our members described the after effects as resembling blowing a tea bag out through your nose! One similarity that made us feel at home was the offering of food although the Swiss food was of a higher standard unlike the burnt sausages served at home. In conclusion it was an extremely pleasurable evening and very different to one that would be had at a YFC social event.